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Slime Knight is a thesis project developed by students in the Entertainment Arts and Engineering masters program at the University of Utah.

Use an extendable slime arm to “dissolve”, punch, grab, and throw enemies in order to save your slime brethren and navigate through the decrepit insides of an ancient Worm in this top-down hoard battler.

After playing, we would really appreciate it if you could fill out this feedback form! https://forms.gle/7pc7oR5o2mBptAWx7


Left Analog Stick:  Move

Right Analog Stick:  Extend Arm

Right Trigger:  Grab 

Start Button: Open up the pause menu

Options Button:  Open up the bestiary

Contact Info:

Beast Belly Studios: beastbellystudios@gmail.com



Original Unity Prototype 40 MB
Windows Release V2.0 464 MB

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